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Christian Nationalism?

There is a controversial new label the mainstream media is using, Christian nationalism?


What is it?


To answer that, there are three points to consider:


The first is, that nationalism is the opposite of globalism;
second, that nationalism depends on the nation; and
third, that Christian nationalism used to be called Christian patriotism, and past Presidents, Democrat and Republican, encouraged it.


Let’s look at the first point: nationalism is the opposite of globalism. 


Did you know there are people called “globalists” who want to do away with nations and set up a one world government, which, of course, they will control.


Brock Chisholm, the first director-general of the World Health Organization, stated:
"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."


Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum produced an Agenda 2030 video, which had the line:
“You will own nothing and be happy.” 


This sounds a lot like Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto:
“The theory of the communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” 


“Abolition of private property” means “you will own nothing”! 
How do globalists plan on getting you to give up your property and freedom? --The Great Reset. 


Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily, stated on OAN, November 24, 2022:  
“The Great Reset is very much like communism … They'll tell you it is about diversity … equality … climate … But … what they want is ... total government.” 


People will not give up their property and freedom if everything is fine, but if there is a crisis, they will trade freedom for security.  


The Great Reset is an orchestrated global crisis to produce dependency on international government. 


Michael Rectemwald wrote in Imprimis "What Is the Great Reset?" December 2021:  
“Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret write that if the past five centuries in Europe and America have taught us anything … it is that ‘acute crises contribute to boosting the power of the state.’" 


Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, warned in a lecture at Stanford's Classical Liberalism Institute, November 18, 2022:  
“The zeitgeist [or mood] on the other side is ‘we are not going to make it for another century on this planet and therefore we need to embrace a one world totalitarian state right now’ … 
Whatever the dangers are in the future we need to never underestimate the danger of one world totalitarian state …” 


Thiel continued: 
“First Thessalonians 5:3, the political slogan of the antichrist is ‘peace and safety’ … I want to suggest … we would do well to be a little more scared of the antichrist and a little a less scared of Armageddon.” 


In other words, don’t be afraid of the world ending, be afraid of the people who promise to save you from the world ending. 


Henry Mencken wrote in Notebooks, 1956:  
“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.” 


The second point is: nationalism depends on the nation. 


Most nations have an “honor-shame” culture, where an individual's worth is based on what group they belong to, for example:


- Ancient Egypt's social classes with the Pharaoh’s family on top;  
- India’s caste system with four major castes and innumerable subcastes;  
- Imperial China with the Hundred Family Surnames;  
- European classes with royalty divided from peasantry;  
- Islamic ummah communities with men worth more than women, who are worth more than infidels;  
- Communism with party members worth more than common people;  
- Atheistic utilitarianism gives more value to those contributing to “the state.”


The latest rendition of this is “intersectionality,” where a person's worth is based on how many minority groups they belong to, with "trans" being superior to all others, resulting in those on the left wanting to impose a "transgender-nationalism." 


Where nationalism is bad in totalitarian nations as they deny individual rights, in America, nationalism has been preserving a nation where you have worth regardless of what group you belong to. 


President Roosevelt explained, June 14, 1942:  
“The belief in man, created free, in the image of God — is the crucial difference between ourselves and the enemies we face today.” 


President Truman said in his Inaugural Address, January 20, 1949:  
“The American people … believe that all men are created equal because they are created in the image of God.” 


President Eisenhower said November 9, 1954:  
“Democracy is nothing in the world but spiritual conviction ... that each of us is enormously valuable because of a certain standing before our own God.” 


Lincoln stated in his Gettysburg Address, 1863:  
“Our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal …  
That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” 


Nationalism is bad in socialist and Islamist nations where governments do not guarantee to individuals inalienable rights, but in America, “nationalism” is supporting a nation whose very purpose is to guarantee to each individual their God-given rights. 


These rights include freedom of conscience, religion, speech, press, assembly, self-defense, impartial trial, no cruel and unusual punishment -- the freedom to determine your own destiny.” 


Eisenhower said February 20, 1955:  
“The Founding Fathers ... recognizing God as the author of individual rights, declared that the purpose of government is to secure those rights.” 


The third point to consider is: Christian nationalism used to be called Christian patriotism 


It was as American as football and apple pie.  


The word "nationalism" was not even in use in America when Noah Webster compiled his 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language, --yet the word "patriotism" was. 


Webster’s 1828 Dictionary gave the definition:  
“Patriotism is the characteristic of a good citizen, the noblest passion that animates a man in the character of a citizen ...  
Love of one's country; the passion which aims to serve one's country, either in defending it from invasion, or protecting its rights and maintaining its laws and institutions in vigor and purity.” 


Past Presidents, Democrat and Republican, encouraged Christian patriotism. 


George Washington referred to both "Christian" and "patriot" in his order to troops at Valley Forge, May 2, 1778:  
“To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest Glory to laud the more distinguished Character of Christian.” 


Washington wrote, July 9, 1776:  
“The General hopes and trusts, that every officer and man, will endeavor so to live, and act, as becomes a Christian soldier, defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.” 


Republican President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation and pushed through the 13th Amendment, freeing four million slaves. He stated in his Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861: 
“Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him … are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.” 


Lincoln mentioned the words "patriotism" and "Christianity" right next to each other in his Inaugural Address! 


In the Post-Reconstruction era, Republican President Theodore Roosevelt condemned KKK mobs in Democrat southern states, December 3, 1906:
"As Bishop Charles Galloway of Mississippi has said: 'The mob lynches a Negro ... Every Christian patriot in America needs to lift up his voice in loud and eternal protest against the mob spirit." 


Republican President William Howard Taft had stated in 1908: 
“No man can study the movement of modern civilization … and not realize that … the spread Christianity [is] the basis of … modern civilization in the growth of popular self-government. The spirit of Christianity is pure democracy. It is equality of man before God — the equality of man before the law.” 


Democrat President Woodrow Wilson warned in 1923:  
“We call ours a Christian civilization, a Christian conception of justice ... Our civilization … can be saved only by becoming permeated with the spirit of Christ and being made free and happy by the practices which spring out of that spirit.” 


Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt, an Episcopalian, wrote the prologue of a Gideon's New Testament and Book of Psalms that was given out to millions of soldiers and sailors during World War II.  


Roosevelt stated October 6, 1935:  
“The printing of the first English Bible is an event of great significance ... We trace ... the widespread dissemination of those moral and spiritual precepts that have so greatly affected the progress of Christian civilization.” 


Roosevelt stated September 1, 1941:  
“Preservation of these rights is vitally important … to the whole future of Christian civilization.” 


FDR stated November 1, 1940: 
“Those forces hate democracy and Christianity as two phases of the same civilization … They oppose democracy because it is Christian. They oppose Christianity because it preaches democracy.” 


Franklin Roosevelt stated May 27, 1941: 
“The whole world is divided between pagan brutality and the Christian ideal. We choose human freedom, which is the Christian ideal.” 


FDR stated in a fireside chat April 28, 1942:
"This great war effort … shall not be imperiled by the handful of noisy traitors — betrayers of America, betrayers of Christianity itself." 


FDR stated October 28, 1940:
"We guard against the forces of anti-Christian aggression." 


Roosevelt wrote August 22, 1942:
"The action taken today by your Government has hastened the coming of the inevitable victory of freedom over oppression, of Christian religion over the forces of evil and darkness." 


Would today’s mainstream media label Roosevelt a "Christian nationalist"?  


Democrat President Truman said, August 28, 1947:  
“This is a Christian Nation ... As a Christian Nation our earnest desire is to work with men of good will everywhere to banish war.” 


Truman lit the National Christmas Tree, December 24, 1952, saying: 
“Through Jesus Christ the world will yet be a better and a fairer place.”  


Would today’s mainstream media label Truman a “Christian Nationalist”? 


Republican President Dwight Eisenhower said, November 9, 1954: “This relationship between a spiritual faith ... and our form of government is ... obvious ... ‘Man is endowed by his Creator’ ...  
When you come back to it, there is just one thing ... man is worthwhile because he was born in the image of his God ...  
Any group that ... awaken[s] all of us to these simple things ... is … a dedicated, patriotic group that can well take the Bible in one hand and the Flag in the other, and march ahead." 


Democrat President John F. Kennedy wrote to Brazil's President, January 31, 1961:  
“To each of us is entrusted the heavy responsibility of guiding the affairs of a democratic nation founded on Christian ideals.” 


Would today’s mainstream media label Kennedy a “Christian Nationalist”? 


Americans have historically been patriotic and a majority Christian.  


Patricia U. Bonomi, professor emeritus of New York University, wrote: “The colonists were about 98 percent Protestant.”


In 1947, during the Truman Administration, the U.S. Corp of Cadets required:
"Attendance at chapel is part of a cadet's training; no cadet will be exempted. Each cadet will receive religious training in one of the three particular faiths: Protestant, Catholic or Jewish." 


J. Tobin Grant wrote in Measuring Aggregate Religiosity in the United States, 1952-2005, that in 1965, America's population was 93 percent Christian, consisting of 69 percent Protestant and 24 percent Catholic, with 3 percent of the population Jewish. 


Jeffrey M. Jones wrote:  
“According to an average of all 2021 Gallup polling, about three in four Americans said they identify with a specific religious faith. By far the largest proportion, 69%, identify with a Christian religion, including 35% who are Protestant, 22% Catholic and 12% who identify with another Christian religion or simply as a ‘Christian.’” 


In America, religious tolerance evolved from Pilgrims and Puritans to all Protestant Christians, then to Catholics, Jews, liberal pseudo–Christian groups, then to monotheists and polytheists, then to just about every religion, and finally Islamists, atheists, and satanists.  


Ironically, the last ones in want to kick the first ones out. They are intolerant of the beliefs that tolerated them. 


Ronald Reagan stated August 23, 1984:
“The frustrating thing is that those who are attacking religion claim they are doing it in the name of tolerance. Question: Isn’t the real truth that they are intolerant of religion?” 


Bob Unruh wrote in, April 1, 2024:  
“The state ... attacks Christians with a so-called ‘non-discrimination’ agenda that actually discriminates against people of faith.” 


Why does the mainstream media insist on calling Christian patriots "Christian nationalists"?  


For the same reason they call Pro-Life supporters "anti-abortion." No Pro-Life group labels itself "anti-abortion." Yet every mainstream news article that covers the subject labels Pro-Life people "anti-abortion." 


Why? Negative word association. They want to malign public opinion against them. 


What is happening is called psychological projection.  


Intolerant activists accuse Christians of being intolerant, when in reality, they are the ones who are intolerant of Christians. 


It is a narcissistic response called blame-shifting, where the attacker blames the victim. They accuse the innocent of what they are guilty of. 


Little children instinctively do this, saying, "I didn’t start the fight – you did!"  


A cheating spouse will accuse the faithful spouse of being unfaithful. 


In the Bible, Potiphar's wife accused Joseph of lusting after her when she was lusting after him.  


Nero reportedly set fire to Rome yet blamed it on Christians. 


Democrat Political advisor David Axelrod said on NPR, April 19, 2010:  
“In Chicago, there was an old tradition of throwing a brick through your own campaign office window, and then calling a press conference to say that you've been attacked.” 


Nancy Pelosi called it “the wrap up smear.” 


Harry Reid accused Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes, causing negative press which cost him the election. TIME magazine fact checked and found Romney actually did pay his taxes. When questioned, Reid responded, "I lied about Romney, but he didn't win, did he?" 


A tactic employed during the Cold War was to have agitators dress up as faux patriots to commit violence which can be blamed on genuine patriots, maligning them in the public eye.


Left-wing activists use DEI and ESG to force an irreligious nationalism; an unprecedented satanist theocracy; a transgender-dominionism, to censor and cancel Bible–believing Christians and Pro-Life Catholics.


They employ critical race theory, a socialist tactic, to divide those opposing their agenda, in this case Christians, into various groups which fight among themselves. 


They employ a "fear mongering" technique. 


The Telegraph’s article, December 12, 2023, exposed a Hollywood producer using fear mongering:  
"Rob Reiner is deluded about 'Christian nationalism'—The God and Country movie trailer presents ordinary religious Americans as nationalist boogeymen": 
“Reiner's ... examples of Christian Nationalism ... are so broad that even the late Queen Elizabeth had a brush with it ... [and] ... Billy Graham ...  
The inescapable conclusion is that average Christian beliefs and average Christian engagement in the public sphere is exactly what Reiner and his abettos [collaborators] hope to target.  
They want to shame followers of Jesus from taking part in the very same political activities their secular counterparts do.” reported February 23, 2024: 
“Heidi Przybyla, a reporter for Politico, appeared on MSNBC this week and fretted as she explained that Christian Nationalists believe that Americans’ rights are granted by God and not Congress or the Supreme Court …  
The rights of Americans DO come from God and not the government, which anyone knows if they have read the country’s founding documents.  
How is this person even allowed to comment on politics on TV with this level of dishonesty or stupidity? This is a perfect example of why trust in the media is in the gutter.” published Mike LaChance's article, February 29, 2024: 
“Last week, a reporter for the liberal outlet Politico … suggested that if you’re an American who believes that your rights come from God and not the government, that you’re a Christian Nationalist … 
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and Catholic Vote President Brian Burch fired off a letter … to Politico …  demanding an apology … saying …  
Politico’s reporter failed to acknowledge ‘that our own Republic was founded on the belief that our rights come from God, not earthly kings or government,’ a revolutionary idea ‘clearly articulated in the Declaration of Independence ...  
Perkins and Burch called out Przybyla for “an attempt to spread misinformation about Christians.” 


Ed Martin of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, responded, March 1, 2024:  
“Heidi Przybyla … isn't railing against ‘Christian Nationalism,’ she's railing against the American Founding.” 


Mainstream media accuses Christian patriots of wanting to "force" their beliefs on others, but how can you force freedom on people? 


Instead of "dominionism," patriots want "freedomism." 


Patriots don’t want to force their beliefs on anyone, they just don’t want government forcing its progressive beliefs on them. They want the government to stop legislating immorality.  


What is Christian nationalism? 


The three points to consider when answering that question are:
nationalism is the opposite of globalism;
nationalism depends on the nation; and 
Christian nationalism used to be called Christian patriotism, and past Presidents, Democrat and Republican, encouraged it.
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  • Bonelle Robbins on

    Thank you for your commentary, it was an eye-opener! Very well written. Write more!

  • Myrna Molinar on

    I am glad there are sane people who know the truth and don’t Believe Democrats lies. No matter how much they try to defy our Christian beliefs, God is on our side. God is good.

  • Steven Humble on

    I 2nd it, Excellent expose! Praying for our nation and sharing this information with others.

  • Valerie on

    Thank you, so timely today as I had just read a negative smear from a podcaster who says she is the right kind of Christian….she says only Trump followers are Nationalist Christians and that is a bad thing…she says Michael Flynn and names others who are the wrong Christians because they are MAGA Christians….I believed her wrong but your writing here has lifted me back up..she is wrong. But I see now the problem with this newfound label …think is used by anti-Trump voters and labels have become our enemies. Grateful for your sanity

  • Rose Rocha on

    Thank you for this excellent article. Knowledge sheds light where there has been spread lies and misinformation.

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