There Really is a Santa Claus -History of Saint Nicholas & Christmas Holiday Traditions

There Really is a Santa Claus -History of Saint Nicholas & Christmas Holiday Traditions

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Read the story of Nicholas, 3rd Century Bishop of Myra, Asia Minor (present day Turkey) and how over time stories of his holy, generous life were embellished into legend.

Discover the additions of Washington Irving, Clement Moore, Civil War illustrator Thomas Nast, and Coca-Cola artist Haddom Sundblom.

Explore the fascinating origins of The 12 Days of Christmas, the Christmas Tree, Carols, Kris Kringle, Creche' scene, and the Poinsettia,

Relive events taking place on Christmas throughout history, from Columbus to Valley Forge, the Great Depression to the Korean War.

Travel back in time by reading Christmas Messages of U.S. Presidents, such as:

Harry S Truman, just after WWII, at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, 1946: "If we as a nation, and the other nations of the world, will accept it, the star of faith will guide us into the place of peace as it did the shepherds on that day of Christ's birth long ago."

Why December 25th?
Who was the real Saint Nicholas?
Where did X-mas come from?
Where did the 12 days of Christmas come from?
Who did Vladimir the Great adopt as the “patron saint” of Russia?
How did the Muslim invasion of Asia Minor cause St. Nicholas traditions to spread to Western Europe?
What did St. Francis of Assisi add to our Christmas traditions?
How did Martin Luther change Germany’s Christmas traditions?
Where did the Christmas Tree come from?
Who was St. Boniface?
How did Hanukkah lights possibly influence lights on Christmas tree?
How did Henry VIII bring the Reformation to England?
What did the Puritans think of Henry VIII’s Christmastide?
Did the Pilgrims and Puritans outlaw Christmas?
How did the Dutch celebration Christmas?
What did the Dutch add to the St. Nicholas traditions?
The Dutch settled New York - what did New York author Washington Irving add to the St. Nicholas story?
What did Clement Moore add?
What did Thomas Nast, illustrator for Harpers Weekly, add?
What did Coca Cola add?
Remind us of the original St. Nicholas?
What are some important events that happened on Christmas Day throughout history?

(300 pages, paperback, illustrations

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