Speaking Topics

Below are a selection of some speaking topics:

  1. Who is the King in America? A captivating overview of 6,000 Years of World History and How America is Unique; concepts drawn from ancient Israel, each person made in the image of the Creator who is not a respecter of persons, governments purpose is to guarantee to you your Creator-given rights. 
  2. Silence Equals Consent: Speak Now or Forever Lose Your Freedom — How Puritans’ “covenant” government with everyone involved in the 1600s was replaced with the Pietist attitude that it is “holier” not to be involved in the 1700s, and then in the 1800s the idea of withdrawing and just waiting for Jesus to return.
  3. Socialism — bait & switch for dictatorship; counterfeit early church; involuntary versus voluntary; American Revolution versus French Revolution; How democracies and republics rise and fall
  4. How the Deep-State Capitalizes on Crisis to Consolidate Control: Fear & Free Stuff — two methods of getting citizens to surrender their freedoms
  5. How to Brainwash a Nation: Psychological Operations and the weaponization of marketing techniques to promote socialist political agendas
  6. Miracles in American History - part one: Times of crisis when people prayed and had courage and things turned around: French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, Role of Women in the Revolutionary War; War of 1812.
  7. Miracles in American History -part two: Cholera Epidemic of 1849, Civil War; World Wars One and Two; Apollo Space Program
  8. Revivals is American History: First and Second Great Awakenings; Missionaries to Jamaica, Burma, Hawaii; Circuit-riding preachers; Early Black preachers; Layman’s Prayer Revival; D.L. Moody; Billy Sunday & more
  9. Separation of Church & State: How a Nation born for Religious Tolerance has backfired to No Longer Tolerating the Religion of Its Founders. How did America go from Pilgrims seeking freedom to express their Judeo-Christian beliefs to today’s discrimination against those very beliefs in the name of tolerance?
  10. The Interesting History of Income Tax: How it affected the Economy & the Church; how the welfare state replaced church charity
  11. George Washington Carver-His Life & Faith in His Own Words
  12. Booker T. Washington, his hard work, wisdom, faith, and humble way to overcome prejudice, and an explanation of political background of Jim Crow, Black Codes, and the Civil Rights movement
  13. There Really is a Santa Claus -History of Saint Nicholas & Christmas Holiday Traditions
  14. Saint Patrick-The Real Story of Life & Times from Tragedy to Triumph in Ireland
  15. History of St. Valentine’s Day, Early Church Persecutions and the Christianizing of the Roman Empire
  16. Islamic Conquest: An examination of 1,400 years of how Caliphs & Sultans conquered the Byzantine Christian Roman Empire, North Africa, the Holy Land, Persia, Spain, Northern India, Central Asia, and the resulting impact on Western Civilization
  17. The Fall of the Ottoman Empire & the Birth of Modern Day Israel - Oil and Wahhabism; Roots causes of modern-day conflict.