Miracles in American History-Vols ONE & TWO (30min TCT episodes)

William Penn-Part 1

William Penn-Part 2

Pere Jacques Marquette

Earthquakes, Pirates & Jamaican Revival

Ballad of the French Fleet

French & Indian War

The Moravian Missionaries

The Wesleys & Whitefield-Great Awakening Revival

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party-Part 1

Boston Tea Party-Part 2

Lexington and Concord

Battle of Bunker Hill

Henry Knox

Battle of Brookklyn Heights and the story of Nathan Hale

Thomas Paine

Battle of Trenton and Princeton

Battle of Saratoga

Valley Forge

Smallpox and Dr. Benjamin Rush

Benedict Arnold-Part 1

Benedict Arnold-Part 2 and Battle of Cowpens

Courageous Women of the Revolution

Battle of Yorktown and end of Revolutionary War

Constitution in Effect

The French Revolution

Francis Asbury

Early Black Preachers

Louisiana Purchase -Part 1

Louisiana Purchase-Part 2 and Lewis & Clark-Part 1

Lewis & Clark-Part 2

The Northwest Indian Missions

Barbary Pirate Wars

Barbary Pirates & Treaty of Tripoli

The Treaty of Tripoli

War of 1812

Battle of Lake Erie & Burning of Washington, DC

Oliver Howard Perry and the End of the War of 1812

Francis Scott Key

In God We Trust

Slave Trade, Conversion of John Newton, and William Wilberforce in British Parliament

Amazing Grace-History of Famous Hymn

Andrew Jackson

The Bank War

Sam Houston and Texas-Part 1

Sam Houston-Part 2 and The Alamo-Part 1

The Alamo-Part 2

Famous Black Missionary John Stewart

Missionaries to Hawaii

Finney Revival

Cholera Epidemic

Cholera and Bleeding Kansas

Layman's Prayer Revival

John Brown and Beecher's Bibles

William Lloyd Garrison

Frederick Douglass

Julia Ward Howe

Abraham Lincoln

Fort Sumter fired upon

Fort Sumter fired upon 2

Civil War: Sumter to Antietam

Lincoln's Day of Fasting

Robert E. Lee

Ulysses S. Grant

Lincoln "Government of the People, by the People, and for the People"

Emancipation Proclamation-Part 1

Emancipation Proclamation-Part 2

The Battle of Gettysburg

Lincoln and Darwin

Clara Barton and the American Red Cross/a>

William and Catherine Booth and the Salvation Army

George Williams and the YMCA

Black Entrepreneurs-Part 1

Black Entrepreneurs-Part 2

Booker T. Washington-Part 1

Booker T. Washington-Part 2

History of Slavery-Part 1

History of Slavery-Part 2

History of Slavery-Part 3

Cuban Slavery and Independence from Spain

Theodore Roosevelt-Part 1

Theodore Roosevelt-Part 2

Theodore Roosevelt-Part 3

Christmas Truce of 1914

Eddie Rickenbacker-World War I Fighter Pilot Ace

Billy Sunday, Baseball Star to National Evangelist

George Washington Carver

Four Chaplains Day & Mitsuo Fuchida

John F. Kennedy

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Communion on the Moon