BELIEVE - An Inspiring Devotional of Scriptures & Quotations J. Federer

BELIEVE - An Inspiring Devotional of Scriptures & Quotations

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Because we need to believe in the Almighty, Everlasting, Power of God ...

This 200 page by William & Susie Federer is filled full of inspiring scriptures and quotations, along with insightful and life-changing biblical ideas, concepts and eternal truths!

Chapters titles are:

Believe In The Lamb Of God
Believe God Has A Plan For Your Life
Quotations On What Inspired The Successful
Believe For Happiness, Joy & Contentment
Scriptures On Joy
Scriptures On Contentment
Believe In The Holy Spirit Within You!
Believe For Health & Well-being
Believe For Your Family
Quotations About Family
Believe God’s Promises For Protection
Quotations Of Believing God For Protection
Believe For The Future Of Our Nation
Believe God’s Promise Of Eternal Life In Heaven

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