DVD Vol. 2 Miracles in American History (Episodes 11-20)

DVD Vol. 2 Miracles in American History (Episodes 11-20)

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Miracles in American History-Amazing Stories of Answered Prayer
Volume Two (episodes 11-20)
11. Treacherous scheme of traitor Benedict Arnold exposed just in time.
12. River waters rise miraculously and stop Royal Army, protecting the Americans.
13. God aligns the French with the Americans to defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown.
14. Miracles happen when leaders of all denominations pray together -Constitutional Convention.
15. If America was to be a Christian nation why isn't it in the Constitution? It is-the State Constitutions!
16. What happened when President John Adams declared a Day of Fasting & Prayer.
17. The Barbary Pirate Wars - "The most bold and daring act of the age!" Story of Stephen Decatur.
18. Captain Perry declares, "the prayers of my wife are answered!" after Battle of Lake Erie.
19. The miracle of more British troops killed by tornado than by American firearms.
20. A miraculous victory births the writing of the "Star-Spangled Banner."

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