ebook BELIEVE - An Inspiring Devotional of Scriptures & Quotations
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ebook BELIEVE - An Inspiring Devotional of Scriptures & Quotations

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Because we need to believe in the Almighty, Everlasting, Power of God ...

This 200 page book by William & Susie Federer includes chapters

Dedication    9
Believe In The Lamb Of God    11
God’s Viewpoint    11
The Universe    14
Your Will    21
Love Cannot Be Forced    26
He Gives You Grace To Respond    28
Your Love For God    30
God Hides Himself    34
Billionaire’s Son    37
Default Setting    38
God Cannot Deny Himself    39
Adam And Eve Hid    42
Religion Of The Fig Leaves    45
Cain’s Religion Of Works    47
Mirror, Soap And Water     49
Old Testament Sacrifices Point To Jesus    50
God Is Just    55
Silence Equals Consent    56
He Is A God Of Rules Yet He Wants Your Love    57
The Desire For Justice    59
Why Did The Lamb Have To Die?    60
God Provided The Lamb    61
Jesus Always Knew The Plan    62
Book Of Revelation Judgment    63
Jesus Judged In Our Place    64
Jesus Paid It All    66
We Are In Christ    70
Are You Like Cain Or Abel?    73
From Repel To Attract    76
What About Works?    77
Promise Of The Holy Spirit    80
The Holy Spirit And Your Heart    81
God Lets You Choose    84
God Knows All Possibilities Futures    86
A.I.    90
Spirit—Mind—Body    92
Predestination And Free Will    95
Prophecies Fulfilled    101
Yielding To God’s Grace    106
Through Each Of Us    109
Worship Is Returning Your Life To God     116
After Trials We Look Forward To Heaven    121
Worthy Is The Lamb    123
Believe God Has A Plan For Your Life    125
Quotations On What Inspired The Successful    134
Believe For Happiness, Joy & Contentment    157
Scriptures On Joy    160
Scriptures On Contentment    166
Believe In The Holy Spirit Within You!    168
Believe For Health & Well-being    174
Believe For Your Family    177
Quotations About Family    183
Believe God’s Promises For Protection    195
Quotations Of Believing God For Protection    198
Believe For The Future Of Our Nation    200
Believe God’s Promise Of Eternal Life In Heaven    203
What Is Your Story?    217

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