PragerU video: The Amazing Story of Christmas

PragerU The Amazing Story of Christmas

American Minute reaches thousands of people every day, but we could be reaching many more!
Pulitzer Prize winning historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., wrote in "Folly's Antidote" (New York Times, January 1, 2007):
"History is to the nation as memory is to the individual.
As persons deprived of memory become disoriented and lost, not knowing where they have been and where they are going, so a nation denied a conception of the past will be disabled in dealing with its present and its future."
Harvard Professor George Santayana wrote in Reason in Common Sense (Vol. I of The Life of Reason, 1905):
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Together, we can educate the next generation so they will not repeat the errors of the past!
God bless you!
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